can you smoke metadate

11. prosince 2011 v 15:22

Is Metadate Time Realse? If So Can You Still Smoke It?: i have some metadate id like to smoke but i dont know how to tell if its time realease or not. if it is, can i

can you smoke metadate

Can you smoke concertas? ChaCha Answer: Concertas is a drug for ADHD and should not be smoked. Thanks and ChaCha!
Best Answer: lay off the ritalin and stick with the weed
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Best Answer: weed does not react with any medication so it wasn't the dro, i have bad ADHD too, took ritalin concerta aderall and metidate CD, was only on metadate .
Metadate abuse takes several forms. Some people abuse the drug by taking it orally (the way it was designed to be taken). Others may inject, smoke, or snort Metadate.
hi there i did it ones in my life and never did it again after took med then smoked weed my haert was slowing down and i can you smoke metadate could not brath normally my color changed to .
ok i have a question about metadate. im not sure if im in the right place. but shit happens. i am a normal tree smoker. i smoke a few times a day. b
< Back < Back METHYLPHENIDATE is used to can you smoke metadate treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is also used to treat narcolepsy. This medicine may be used for .

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