How early can you get your tramadol filled

11. prosince 2011 v 15:44

What does it mean if you get your period before your placebo pills while on birth control . Like its two days early? ChaCha Answer:.
How early can you refill a prescription after getting the first bottle?
Since How early can you get your tramadol filled you are allowed 3 per day, there shouldn't be any problem refilling it tomorrow. Technically, you should be able to refill it after 7 days and it's been 10 days.
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I know this has been discussed before but not recently. Im 11 days away from refill and of course Im totally out. Ive been filling on average 2 days early. My Doctor .
Originally Posted By: mateoh I use Rite Aid online refills & I go online every 3 weeks and request my refill (hydros)& they How early can you get your tramadol filled have it ready that same day.
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I have recurring medications that I get refills on. 2 of them are not covered by insurance and are expensive so I like to get them filled when I get paid.
maybe it depends on the pharmacy? Because when I was taking the IR tramadol I went to refill it 3 days early because I gave some pills to my dad for his back and this .
Best How early can you get your tramadol filled Answer: On any controlled medication, the pharmacy I work in will call the physician to ok the early refill, regardless of the reason for it being filled early .
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